Mt. Fuji & Arakurayama Sengen Park Nov. 2020

I took a day trip to Arakurayama Sengen Park (新倉山浅間公園) that is probably more popular with tourists coming to Japan than Japanese people. There may be quite a few Japanese people who do not know that park except the locals. This year in 2020, due to the coronavirus COVID-19, overseas travelers have not been able to come to Japan. So the park was not crowded on the day I went. About This place consists of Arakura-Fuji-Sengen Shrine (新倉富士浅間神社), Chureito pagoda (忠霊塔), and Arakurayama-Sengen Park (新倉山浅間公園). The map from Arakura-Fuji-Sengen shrine official site Arakura-Fuji-Sengen Shrine Shinto shrine is called Jinja (神社) ...


Ramen Shop Hayashida

This time, I would like to introduce a ramen shop that I saw by chance at the town I live and have wanted to visit. I first saw this ramen shop is July 2019, but it was still under renovation for opening at that time. After that, I passed in front of the shop several times, but I could not try out because it was so crowded. Well..., I finally made it. About Hayashida The Ramen Shop Hayashida is one of the most popular ramen restaurants in Tokyo. It has been popular since it opened in 2017, and was selected ...


Japanese snack Onigiri

Onigiri means a Japanese rice ball and is made from white rice. It is the best-selling item at convenience stores in Japan. Here, I mainly write an article about how to open the tricky package of Japanese convenience store's onigiris. Apparently, it seems that there are other websites that talk about knowledge of rice ball onigiris, so I leave the details to them. haha. (Above photo : From photoAC piyo_piyo) About Onigiris I think probably most of the rice balls ( onigiris ) you see in Japan are triangle shaped, but some are round though. To put it clearly, the shape ...


Fujimipanorama Snow Resort


Fujimipanorama is very convenient snow resort for me. The main reason is that it is just near place for mine. It does not mean that it can be recommended for everyone. I would rather not recommend it very much since there is nothing worthy of special mention, but come several times a year. If you live or stay for a long time in Japan (near Tokyo) and just want to ski or snowboard for just one day, this is the place to go. Where is Fujimipanorama? Fujimi Panorama is located in Nagano prefecture in Japan. I always come here by ...


Rusutsu Snow Resort


Probably Niseko is the most popular place for skiers and snowboarders coming to Japan, but Rusutsu is in the immediate neighborhood (about half an hour’s drive) and compares favorably with Niseko. Also, Rusutsu Snow Resort is one of the most famous and biggest ski resorts in Japan, even for the Japanese. Of course, you can enjoy JAPOW as it is located in the same place as Niseko in Hokkaido prefecture in northern Japan. Get to Rusutsu Going to Hokkaido is a little special and exciting because it is not so easy for Tokyo's people to go there. It is a ...


Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field


To be honest, I was surprised. I never knew there was such a great view here. Until now, I have been to Happo-one right next to here many times, but this was my first time to come to Iwatake. I happened to come here because most of the Happo ski-lifts stopped in the big wind. Iwatake I felt that Happo-one and Iwatake have different skier types. Happo's is a technique-oriented feeling, Iwatake's is a free feeling. That seems to lead to the difference in ski area's atmosphere. Anyway, the Iwatake view is completely better than Happo though. Iwatake slope Iwatake ...


Hakuba Happo-one Snow Resort


Hakuba Happo-one at Nagano is one of my favorite and one of the most well-known ski resort in Japan. Japanese skiers and snowboarders who often go to nearby snow places also go out of the way to go to Happo-one from Tokyo, Osaka, and other place. They usually stay for one or two nights on the weekend. Of course I do that too. Skiing at Happo It depends on where to stay, first I usually get on Nakiyama ski lift and go toward the heights. Using Nakiyama-Triple-Lift and Riesen-Quad-Lift, it arrives at the same place as the Gondola-Adam. Then, I ...

Machida-shōten Ramen


Machida-shōten Ramen shop

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Machida-shōten is Iekei (E.A.K) ramen shop. Speaking of iekei, it refers to Yokohama-iekei and it is one of the types of ramen flavor now. The original is Yoshimura-ya in Yokohama but now there are many shops of the same school as Iekei-ramen. The Japanese word "iekei" consists of two characters, the first one means "house" but the family is close in meaning, the second one means a group. The flavor of Iekei is Tonkotsu-shōyu(soy souse) ramen. The soup is mixed pork and chicken bone broth and soy souse, the noodles are medium thick type, and toppings are chashu-pork, laver seaweed, ...


Tokyo Ramen Street

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Tokyo Ramen Street is very popular with visitors to Japan. Of course, it is a popular place for Japanese ramen lovers too. These best ramen shops area opened up in one corner of Tokyo Station in June of 2009. It is based on the concept of "first ramen shop comes to mind". In the beginning, there were four shops and there has since grown to eight ramen shops chosen now. 8 of the Best Ramen Shops Ramen Gyoku ; Tokyo Niboshi Ramen   Gyoku is Niboshi ramen shop. Niboshi means Japanese anchovy, its ramen soup is a recent trend. Gyoku’s ...

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