Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field


To be honest, I was surprised. I never knew there was such a great view here. Until now, I have been to Happo-one right next to here many times, but this was my first time to come to Iwatake. I happened to come here because most of the Happo ski-lifts stopped in the big wind. Iwatake I felt that Happo-one and Iwatake have different skier types. Happo's is a technique-oriented feeling, Iwatake's is a free feeling. That seems to lead to the difference in ski area's atmosphere. Anyway, the Iwatake view is completely better than Happo though. Iwatake slope Iwatake ...


Hakuba Happo-one Snow Resort


Hakuba Happo-one at Nagano is one of my favorite and one of the most well-known ski resort in Japan. Japanese skiers and snowboarders who often go to nearby snow places also go out of the way to go to Happo-one from Tokyo, Osaka, and other place. They usually stay for one or two nights on the weekend. Of course I do that too. Skiing at Happo It depends on where to stay, first I usually get on Nakiyama ski lift and go toward the heights. Using Nakiyama-Triple-Lift and Riesen-Quad-Lift, it arrives at the same place as the Gondola-Adam. Then, I ...

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