Machida-shōten Ramen shop

Machida-shōten Ramen

Machida-shōten is Iekei (E.A.K) ramen shop. Speaking of iekei, it refers to Yokohama-iekei and it is one of the types of ramen flavor now. The original is Yoshimura-ya in Yokohama but now there are many shops of the same school as Iekei-ramen. The Japanese word "iekei" consists of two characters, the first one means "house" but the family is close in meaning, the second one means a group. The flavor of Iekei is Tonkotsu-shōyu(soy souse) ramen. The soup is mixed pork and chicken bone broth and soy souse, the noodles are medium thick type, and toppings are chashu-pork, laver seaweed, and boiled spinach. That is basic style of Iekei ramen.


In January 2008, Machida-Shōten was established in Machida city, Tokyo. In the blink of an eye, they have increased the number of stores, and as of January 2019, the number of directly managed stores in Japan reached 60. In October 2018, they went public on Tokyo Stock Exchange's Mothers. It is now a chain store but a popular and very good ramen shop as usual.

Machida-Shōten Yokohama

I went to Machida-Shōten Yokohama near JR Yokohama station. It is about 5 minutes walk from the station. This shop is also not so much as Tokyo Ramen Street, but there is a line at lunch time. One of the features of Machida-Shōten is that it can specify the hardness (boiled) of the noodles, the strength of the taste, and the amount of oil. The staff call it Okonomi (liking). The hardness has "hard", "normal", and "soft". The strength has "strong", "normal", and "weak". The amount of oil has "more(oily)", "normal", and "less". In addition, ramen comes with a bowl of rice for free if desired from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

MAX ramen (Tonkotsu-shōyu):MAXラーメン(豚骨醤油)
Price : JPY 950 yen

MAX ramen is a good ramen with further the top 3 toppings of this shop added, and worth it. Toppings are quail's boiled egg, boiled spinach, six laver seaweeds, seasoned soft boiled egg, and three sliced Chashu-pork. Noodles are medium thick type that is filling. As for the hardness (boiled) of the noodles, I think "normal" is better. If the unique smell or taste of pork bone soup is a bit bothered, you can change it by adding chopped onions on the table. On top of the table, there are some toppings for changing the taste more. The staffs call it "customize" and recommend it. Those toppings are garlic, chili bean sauce and gingers. Of course it is free.

How to order and pay

At Machida-Shōten, you have to buy ramen ticket via vending machine for that. Unfortunately, there is no English menu on the ticket machine, but there are ramen photos on the menu buttons. That must be of any help to you. There are two flavors of soup, one is Tonkotsu-shōyu (pork bone soy sauce) and the other is shio (salt) flavor. Tonkotsu-shōyu is the red buttons and shio is the blue buttons of the machine. Anyway, Iekei ramen shops are famous for the taste of tonkotsu-shōyu, so I recommend it if you are first try. After buying a ticket, line up if there is and give the ticket to the staff. He will show you to your table.


Ticket Vending Machine

Machida-shōten official website (Japanese only)



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