Ramen Shop Hayashida

This time, I would like to introduce a ramen shop that I saw by chance at the town I live and have wanted to visit. I first saw this ramen shop is July 2019, but it was still under renovation for opening at that time. After that, I passed in front of the shop several times, but I could not try out because it was so crowded. Well..., I finally made it.

About Hayashida

The Ramen Shop Hayashida is one of the most popular ramen restaurants in Tokyo. It has been popular since it opened in 2017, and was selected as Tokyo Top 100 ramen shops of ramen-restaurants-review website Tabe-log (eating-log) in 2018 and 2019. This ranking is a guide for the shops that are currently gaining momentum and should be visited now. I have just been to such a shop in Yokohama.

The Hayashida is ramen chain shop, but there is no reason not to have its deliciousness. If you have a chance to come nearby, I recommend this ramen shop.

Hayashida's Ramen

Hayashida's main item on a menu is Shoyu Ramen (醤油 らぁ麺). "Shoyu" means soy sauce in Japanese. Another popular ramen at this shop is Nodoguro-Soba (のどぐろそば). It is limited quantity. Japanese words "Nodoguro" means Blackthroat seaperch and it refers to Rosy seabass. "Nodoguro-Soba" is the ramen of the fish broth, not chicken broth.

Description of ingredients

There is a brief description of Hayashida selected ingredients at the counter each.

Broth: The broth is using plenty of two types of duck meat and premium brand chicken Daisen-dori. This shop is also particular about water. Tasty water should be used for the broth.

Noodles for Ramen: This shop has two types noodles that one is for Ramen and the other is for Tsukemen. The noodles for ramen are whole wheat noodles, and create a perfect balance of several types of wheat. Good chewy, tasting good going down, and good flavor of noodles can be enjoyed.

Noodles for Tsukemen: The noodles for Tsukemen (Dipping Ramen Noodles) are multi-hydrous noodle. Good smooth and chewy feeling can be enjoyed of the noodles.

Chashu: Two kinds of Chashu are offered in one bowl, pork and chicken. The chicken chashu is moist and juicy because of low temperature heating. The method has several merits such as preventing food deterioration and not letting the flavor escape. The savory smell pork chashu is appetizing. The chashu is cooked by hanging pork butts are broiled. That helps get rid of excess fat and be savory.

Seasoned bamboo shoots: They use the tip of bamboo shoots. Those bamboo shoots are a high rarity value. The tip type has crunchy texture despite tender and juicy, although it was cooked.

Eggs: Topping eggs are premium brand eggs that are called "Maximum Koi-tamago" are used. "Maximum Koi-tamago" means very rich eggs.


Special Shoyu Ramen (特製醤油らぁ麺)

I ordered their Special Shoyu Ramen (特製醤油らぁ麺: Tokusei Syoyu Ramen). Since this is my first visit, I chose the main item. The price of this Special (Tokusei) Shoyu Ramen is JPY 1,000 yen. Compared to Normal Shoyu Ramen, seasoned egg, another chicken and pork chashu are added as toppings. Shoyu means soy sauce and is correctly called ‘Shōyu’. Shoyu ramen is ramen with soy sauce-based soup which is usually in clear and brown color.

Tokusei Shoyu Ramen (Special Shoyu Ramen)
Price: JPY 1,000 yen

When it came in front of me, first I was impressed with its attractive appearance. Perfect! It was mouthwatering. The noodles were hidden under the toppings and could not be seen at all. The surface is covered with tasty chicken oil and coated on the whole, making it a fragrant soup combined with rich chicken broth. The noodles using whole grain flour has unique texture and flavor which I have never felt. It is a bit different from the chewy texture of thick noodles, but it is good. The toppings all over the bowl were also good. Chashus were so juicy and bamboo shoots were crunchy.

I definitely want you to taste this rich chicken broth soy sauce ramen.

Finished! A little bit soup left.


Water is available self-service at counter in front of you. You can take it freely from the water server. Probably, it is taps water, but it might be through the water purifier.

There are a partition stand and alcohol for table disinfection on the each table against Coronavrius COVID-19. Every shop staff wear masks.


How to order and pay

When you enter the shop, first you have to buy a ramen ticket via ticket vending machine before taking seats. After buying the ticket, the shop staff will direct you to your counter seat. Before entering the shop, if you can see a line in front of the shop, you have to stand in the line. The shop staff will guide you for entering the shop too once seats are available. After you bought your tickets and took a seat, hand the tickets to one of the staffs.

Ticket Vending Machine

Ticket Vending Machine
Before putting money, you need to choose and decide which item you would like to order, but unfortunately the machine has no English description and photos of the items. It is only Japanese. This machine's photo is this shop's one, and I will briefly explain the menu. All ramen items are JPY 800 yen or over, and others are not ramens. The top row of the menu on the machine is Shoyu ramens. The second row is Dip Noodles (Tsukemen) and the third row is Nodoguro-sobas. The price difference for each ramen is the amount of toppings. There is three types, which are Tokusei, with egg, normal. The 100 yen item at the right end of each row is a refill noodle.

When you put money into the machine, the button light will turn on if the amount has reached the item's price. The lightning means you can buy the item.

Only cash can be used on this shop's machine. Also, you can only use kind of 10, 50, 100, 500 yen coins and 1000 yen bills. Keep in mind that you need to have those caches in advance and can't use your credit card.



Important tip: The top left option of the items on the ticket machine is usually most recommendation of the shop. Actually, this shop's is Special Shoyu Ramen I had. If you can't understand the items at all, try it. Or, Luckily all kinds of ramen should be good, so maybe you can try to decide your ramen without knowing what you buy while pounding.


Location & Others


Hayashida at Yokohama
It is about 3 minutes walk from the JR Yokohama station (North West Exit).



Hayashida head store at Shinjuku
It is about 1 minute walk from the Shinjuku-sanchome station (A5 Exit) of the Tokyo-Metro Marunouchi Line.



Address : 2-19-6 Tsuruyacho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
URL : https://www.ramenings.com/hayashida
Others : Cash only, Non-smoking, Seats 16 ( counter ), Non-smoking
Opening hours : 11:00 - 23:00 (It will end as soon as the soup is gone.)

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