Fujimipanorama Snow Resort

Fujimipanorama is very convenient snow resort for me. The main reason is that it is just near place for mine. It does not mean that it can be recommended for everyone. I would rather not recommend it very much since there is nothing worthy of special mention, but come several times a year. If you live or stay for a long time in Japan (near Tokyo) and just want to ski or snowboard for just one day, this is the place to go.

Where is Fujimipanorama?

Fujimi Panorama is located in Nagano prefecture in Japan. I always come here by car. It is about three hours drive. By car is most convenient, and most people do that.



By Car
Chuo Expressway Hachioji IC→Minami-Suwa IC→Fujimi Panorama Resort(2hr50min)

By Train
Shinjuku Station→Fujimi Station(2hr15min)→Shuttl-Bus(10min)→Fujimi Panorama Resort

By Bus
One-day bus tour : from Shinjuku, from Kawasaki, etc.


Snow Resort


It might not be too much to say that most of the snow at this resort is artificial because it is not a heavy snowfall area. However, it is not so difficult to make snow because the temperature is very low in this area. As for the weather, it has many sunny days, so you should be able to ski comfortably.

When you exit the gondola upper station, a magnificent view of Fujimi Heights and Mt. Yatsugatake is spread out there. The best part of this snow resort is going down 3,000 meters long trail without any stops. After reached the bottom, take the gondola for repeat runs. The trail has one relatively steep short slope in the mid of the course, but it is mostly for intermediate. So the long cruising can be enjoyed. There is also fun courses for beginners and families at base area.

panorama skiing

On the other hand, especially for advanced, it might be get bored easily since trails are not so many. Additionally, it may be crowded on weekends since the trails are narrow. That’s why I usually ski only in the morning when come here.

Cedar Slope
2020 Mar 20th

The vicinities were getting a little warmer, but they managed to keep the snow in even March. Snow machines do a good job and are pretty helpful.


The lunch which Restaurant Spica located the gondola upper station offers is a little luxurious because of a wide viewing of Yatsugatake. And the restaurant Orion in the base area is a great place to have a meal and to take a break. They offer various food such as my favorite ramen and katsudon.

Ramen at Panorama

Katsudon at Panorama


They has salomon & ATOMIC rental station for rentals. You can rent all snow gear including snow-wear, gloves, etc. and come here empty-handed. The fully packed snow gear is about JPY 10,000 per day. Also, snowshoes-set ( with boots and poles ) for hiking is about JPY 2,500 per day.

rental station

Other Activities

Icefall Climbing

Summit Fall
PHOTO : from Fujimipanorama Official site

This year 2019-2020 season, artificial icefall was set up at the gondola upper station. That is an artificial icefall called Summit Fall where you can experience and practice ice climbing. The ice wall is about 9 meters high, about 7.2 meters wide, and 10-70 cm thick. They also have a school for beginners and you can rent equipment there such as helmets, harnesses, hiking shoes, ice ax and crampons.

2020 Feb. 8th

Snow Day Hiking

The most suitable mountain for introductory snow hiking is Mt. Nyukasayama. It is a winter hike that can be enjoyed for even beginners walking with snowshoes on the route from the gondola upper station to the top of mountain.

PHOTO : from Fujimipanorama Official site

Mt. Nyukasayama, which has been designated as a UNESCO Eco Park and Minami Alps Geopark. Go up to an altitude of 1780m at once with the gondola, while going around the superb view point from the gondola station, it is a route that takes about both-way 3 hours to get to the summit. At Fujimi Panorama Resort, you can rent outfits, accessories such as gloves and hats, boots, snowshoes and poles.

PHOTO : from Fujimipanorama Official site


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