Mt. Fuji & Arakurayama Sengen Park Nov. 2020

I took a day trip to Arakurayama Sengen Park (新倉山浅間公園) that is probably more popular with tourists coming to Japan than Japanese people. There may be quite a few Japanese people who do not know that park except the locals. This year in 2020, due to the coronavirus COVID-19, overseas travelers have not been able to come to Japan. So the park was not crowded on the day I went. About This place consists of Arakura-Fuji-Sengen Shrine (新倉富士浅間神社), Chureito pagoda (忠霊塔), and Arakurayama-Sengen Park (新倉山浅間公園). The map from Arakura-Fuji-Sengen shrine official site Arakura-Fuji-Sengen Shrine Shinto shrine is called Jinja (神社) ...

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