Machida-shōten Ramen


Machida-shōten Ramen shop

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Machida-shōten is Iekei (E.A.K) ramen shop. Speaking of iekei, it refers to Yokohama-iekei and it is one of the types of ramen flavor now. The original is Yoshimura-ya in Yokohama but now there are many shops of the same school as Iekei-ramen. The Japanese word "iekei" consists of two characters, the first one means "house" but the family is close in meaning, the second one means a group. The flavor of Iekei is Tonkotsu-shōyu(soy souse) ramen. The soup is mixed pork and chicken bone broth and soy souse, the noodles are medium thick type, and toppings are chashu-pork, laver seaweed, ...


Tokyo Ramen Street

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Tokyo Ramen Street is very popular with visitors to Japan. Of course, it is a popular place for Japanese ramen lovers too. These best ramen shops area opened up in one corner of Tokyo Station in June of 2009. It is based on the concept of "first ramen shop comes to mind". In the beginning, there were four shops and there has since grown to eight ramen shops chosen now. 8 of the Best Ramen Shops Ramen Gyoku ; Tokyo Niboshi Ramen   Gyoku is Niboshi ramen shop. Niboshi means Japanese anchovy, its ramen soup is a recent trend. Gyoku’s ...

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